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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Dear Friends,

During October we strive to bring Domestic Violence awareness to the forefront.  We celebrate those who have overcome the abuse placed upon them.  For those still trapped in the domestic violence lifestyle, our goal is to bring education and community awareness to this devastation, so that those in the community can know how to identify and help and refer victims in need.

Those of us at Hands of a Friend see daily the community spirit and willingness to help with offers of donations for DaZee’s and the Genesis House, and generous monetary gifts.  Without such loving assistance, from the community our mission and purpose to help women in need of support would be much harder.

The purple ribbon is the symbol of Domestic Violence support.  Think about purple for a moment, it is the color of lilacs, violets, and orchids, all considered delicate and precious flowers.  The ladies we serve are also delicate and precious; though they have been battered and bruised physically and mentally it is our duty to strive to nurture them to their rightful dignity, grandeur, and independence.  Helping them to feel their worth, full of self-esteem and knowing that they are of Royal Birth and truly deserve to be treated as princesses.

Very Respectfully,

Colleen Hansen
Executive Director